Ten Things that Make a Beach or Pool Great for Preschoolers

Eliza Clark
May 18, 2018

You know by now that we think almost any beach is a great place for preschool-age children. We like the water warm or cold, the sand fine or gritty—and we'll take rocks as well. Our kids adore beaches and pools in any shape or size, and, therefore, so do we.

That doesn't mean, however, that we aren't always on the lookout for the perfect beach. And we are not alone. Lists of the "best beaches" such as this one abound, and they always make for great daydreaming. But as parents of little ones, we have our own set of criteria for what makes a beach or pool the ideal place to spend a happy morning or week or month. Here are things we look for:

  1. Clean sand and water—minimal trash and pollution, please!
  2. A shallow area or gentle waves
  3. Other kids to play with, but not big crowds
  4. Yummy snacks available nearby
  5. Good sand for building castles
  6. Rocks and pebbles to throw in the water
  7. Creatures to observe (hermit crabs, star fish, squirting mussels)
  8. Shells, sea glass, sand dollars and other treasures
  9. Decent bathrooms and a place to shower off gritty little bodies
  10. A beautiful view

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    This may be insanely practical, but I look for a beach where I don't need to drag our gear - not inconsequential with three children under five -- a great distance to find a decent patch of sand.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    A near by snack bar for cool drinks and yummy treats!

    over a year ago


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