SavvyPicks for Your Favorite Mermaid

Amy Rees
August 14, 2008

Is your little darling so wild about mermaids that you check her every morning for fins? We know just the type. Perhaps spurred by the ubiquitous Ariel, or by mom's incessant humming of her truly fantastic soundtrack, she's fallen for mermaids, hook, line and sinker. (Sorry, bad pun.)
And you have given her all the details of this marvelous obsession, right? She's conversant about the "evidence" and the mysterious and marvelous fairy tales about mermaids. If not, do pick up The Secret World of Mermaids and The Book of Mermaids for all the essential details.

Then get your little one all ready in her shimmery mermaid costume, and invite over some similarly finned friends or even just her soft mermaid doll complete with turquoise hair, of course. (You knew real mermaids have turquoise hair, right? You weren't picturing Daryl Hannah in Splash, were you?! Too bad it's rated PG...)

Open up and decorate your own mermaid's palace with its three paper mermaids to welcome you.

And whip up a little something from the Mermaid Cookbook. A sea foam float would really hit the spot about now!

What a perfect mermaid afternoon you've made for yourself and your little one! Enjoy!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    How fun! My daughter loves mermaids and it's fun to imagine with her when she is pretending to be a mermaid in the pol. We'll have to check out the Mermaid Cookbook.

    over a year ago


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