Five Facts and Figures to Make You Change Your Ways Today

Eliza Clark
April 22, 2008

1. Earth Day (today!) is the largest secular civic event in the world, celebrated by over 1 billion people across the globe.   So if you haven't already, join the fun and the movement today! The Earth Day Network coordinates this planet-wide day of activism, and has many many ideas for how each and every one of us Earthlings, from the oldest to the youngest, can get involved.  As they suggest, let's all do something nice for our precious earth today, and teach our kids to do the same.  You know we've got lots of easy ideas on how.

2. If everyone on earth lived the average American lifestyle, we would require 5.3 planets to sustain ourselves.  Yes, sad to say, all of our driving, disposable this and that, and energy-addicted lifestyles just do not compute.  What does this figure really mean, and how does your own way of life measure up?  Take the eye-opening Ecological Footprint Quiz to find out.  We Savvy mamas like to think that our efforts to live greener lives (driving less, shopping organic, recycling like mad) make a difference, but it's clearly not enough: if everyone lived like yours truly, we'd still need 3.2 planets to keep it up.  Time to rethink.  Note: Older preschoolers will enjoy and learn from this quiz as well -- it's interactive (you get to create an avatar!), visual, and mercifully brief.

3. Over the first years of life, the average American baby will wear 3,796 diapers.  Just a jaw-dropping tidbit we felt compelled to share with our fellow parents.  All the more reason to potty-train, and potty-train early, we say.  Messy (on many levels) as the process may be, our lovely planet will thank you.  For more statistics to make you shudder, and ideas on how we can all do better, watch the National Geographic channel's show on the Human Footprint.  National Geographic also has loads of smart, eco-friendly activities and info for the kiddos.

4. The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the past 30 years.  And that's just one of the many drastic ways that global warming is already affecting our planet, our home.  For the full and scary story on climate change, don't miss An Inconvenient Truth's fantastic web site, and if you haven't already, make seeing the film an Earth Day resolution.  For our kids' sake.

5. If current warming trends continue in the Arctic, two-thirds of the world's polar bears could disappear by 2050.  Here's one of those things that we absolutely do not want to have tell our preschoolers about.  So let's do whatever we can to protect those beautiful bears, and their icy way of life.  To learn more, visit Polar Bears International with your little ones -- they will love the pictures, the polar bear web cams (no joke!), and more.

Tell us, what facts and figures motivate you to do more for our great green earth? 

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