SavvyPicks: Best Family Travel Resources

Amy Rees
July 30, 2008

As you know by now in our meander through a month's worth of daydreaming about escapes, we truly adore getting away with our families.  And we are daunted by it, too. 

When we do set our sights on different environs, we turn to the following essential resources for planning, packing, investigation and inspiration.  Here are our Savvy-est picks for family travel resources:

  • The Savviest Insiders' Guides of All:  Being Savvy's own three-day essential guides for vacationing from San Diego to Boston, Vancouver to Tampa and everywhere in between!  (For the everywhere in between, choose your city from the drop-down menu in the Being Savvy near you box on the Savvy Source home page and look for the three-day guides posted earlier this month!)
  • The best place to find luggage for kids:  Little Jet Set
  • The best place to find travel essentials for kids (and more luggage ideas): Madallie
  • The best place to find luggage and all travel essentials for the whole family:  Flight 001
  • The best way to plan a walking tour:  Bugaboo Day Trips
  • The best overall travel book spot: Chronicle Books gems for travelling with kids
  • Our Savvy secret weapon for renting the stuff (from baby gear to toys(!)) that we can't bear to haul: Baby's Away
  • The loveliest four words in family travel planning, because they mean you are about to get the inside scoop: We Just Got Back!
  • The Euro-centric way of family travel planning, which we love for its far-flung destinations and it's sense that it's all possible (plus, packing tips are universal): Baby Goes 2
  • The best site for high-end trips (or free daydreaming): Ciao Bambino
  • Most reliable forecasts (including weather that evolves during the course of the day like Midwestern thunderstorms and San Francisco fog): Accuweather
  • Best overall filter for fresh travel ideas:  Kirtsy's travel section

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