And How, Exactly, Do You Plan to Make Your Getaway?

Eliza Clark
July 19, 2008

This getaway of yours, real or imagined -- how will you get there?  Planes, trains, automobiles might leap to mind.  At this point, you might happily just start walking and see how far you get. 

Here's an idea:  ask your preschooler for an idea or two or ten.  If he wanted to escape, how would he go?  When she schemes about going far, far away, how does she plan to get there? 

Perhaps it's a plane, inspired by Moon Plane.

Or a boat, in the style of I'm Mighty.

Preschoolers know that trikes can take you plenty far.

One preschooler we know regularly plots her visit to outer space.  (Either that or Disneyland, whichever mythical spot she can get to first.) 

What's your little one's signature mode of transportation?

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    How fun! And the kids can draw or paint a picture to go with their imagination or make a paper airplance or boat and act out their imaginations! Great idea.

    over a year ago


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