Becoming a Leader in Houston

Julie Pippert - Houston
May 20, 2014

With summer comes the opportunity for our children to take part in unique activities: special camps, interesting volunteer opportunities, new sports, building a new skill or honing an existing one, and more. Summer is the perfect time to try out new things and improve on the old ones, perhaps even trying out a leadership role or two. In a city like Houston, kids have an abundance of choices. Read on, and get inspired by what our kids can accomplish!

Toastmasters International - Youth Leadership Program  

One of the most important skills kids need to learn is how to speak and present. In the past, they had to learn the hard way, or wait until they were older for speech classes or Toastmasters. Now, though, kids can gain all the great skills they need to present themselves well and be perceived as a leader. This truly helps build great communication skills, which will benefit kids in whatever they become when they grow up.

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Rather than send you to a specific opportunity, this recommendation is to a site called Volunteer Match that lets you find volunteer opportunities that are kid-friendly, and to find one that interests your family. There are active ones, educational ones, service to the community ones, and even foreign exchange student hosting. There is no better way for kids to feel empowered and valuable than through service.

Lone Star Leadership Academy 

This cool program focuses on teaching top leadership skills to kids, through the concept of "education in action." It gives kids the chance to experience and do all the things they learn about in school. This is full of high-achieving, learning-motivated kids, so it's a chance for smart kids to find good friends.

Camp Zoofari

At this camp, animal-loving kids get the chance to be little zookeepers. Run by the zoo's education department, you can count on qualified experts who are fully vetted and trained, and know how to teach. Kids get responsibilities to learn confidence and how to care for animals. Each age group has a different theme, with different learning focus, but all children learn about animals and how they live. One of the greatest growth experiences for kids is letting them be the caretakers.

Young Leaders  

Little ones will love the creative and active approach to building their talents at this cool camp. It makes learning fun and gives kids skills they can use for a great year ahead. They'll also make great friends! It offers thematic units to cover creativity, mind skills, physical skills, and even adventure. Kids will learn science, math and technology—but never fear, fun and the arts are included.

Camp Smart from Girls Inc. 

With activities for the mind and body, this amazing camp will build girls' confidence and help them find their inner leader. One of the best things about this event is how it helps girls understand their value, even in the toughest of years, and how to be SMART (science, math, and relevant technology) and cool. Girls Inc. also offers an incredible Discovery Leadership program for younger girls, where they learn all about high-achieving women and how to find their own motivation. Best of all, it includes a community action project so girls put lessons to work!    


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