Little Artists in the Big City

Julie Pippert - Houston
September 24, 2013

Even though Houston is called the Bayou City (among other monikers), the truth is it could also be called Museum City or Art City. With a bounty of art exhibits, festivals, classes, and even art event spots, it's a great place to be a little artist. Most residents know the Museum of Fine Arts Family program very well. But what else is there to do with future Monets and Cassats? 

Look for a local DIY art shop for a family activity

Nearly every area of Houston has a place where families can come together and create keepsake art. The Mad Potter has spots in and around Houston. Folks in the loop can also check out Painting with a Twist. Up north, The Woodlands offer Potteryland. Down south, check out the Paint Pub or Painted Potter. The first offers art classes and group art events, with special times for families. Experts can even help with your artistic efforts. The second lets little ones choose a special piece of pottery, such as a little animal or a cup, then decorate it just as he or she prefers. Ask about templates, special pens to write on the pottery, and other things to help with your masterpiece. These are great spots to create gifts or host a birthday party. Look at the calendar of events for special and seasonal fun.

Sign up for an art class

Many, many art classes are designed for very specific age groups down to when little ones can first hold a brush or pencil. Often, such as at the Art School for Children at the University of Houston Clear Lake, the classes include a theme, art appreciation and education, too. It's fun and enriching. In town, the Art Studio on the Boulevard is very popular with its art camps and classes. Looks for art school for children spots near you, and check out different types of classes. Does your little one like finger painting or pencil drawing more? Choose what will be most exciting!

Bring art to you

Sometimes art students will offer at-home tutoring in art. This is a great alternative for busy parents. If you want to get your neighborhood or friends together for a fun event, plan a fabric design party! This is where you can order a batch of tees or pillow cases, get some fabric paint, and create original designs. Make handprints and write names of friends, set a theme such as "what we see in our yard," or just let kids go straight up Picasso and post-modern whatever they want. Often it helps to give kids a slight direction, either by showing some famous art works or setting up a scene such as flowers and balloons. They can put it down in their own style. If you feel a little iffy about DIY, there's a neat group that comes in to your home and helps out: T-Shirt Parties of Houston will come and host t-shirt, sand art, plaster, and even animal stuffing parties.  

Go and see art

Maybe you and your little artist prefer to see art rather than create it. That's great! Houston is full of exciting art to see. From the special exhibits at the Museum of Fine Art to festivals. Check out the local calendar of events for festivals and bazaars and see what appeals to you. Check this out for upcoming fall festivals around the area. No matter what the event is, there are usually local artists and artisans who display their talent. It can even be very inspiring. Don't forget funky spots such as the Art Car Museum, which just reopened in September with a new installation! If the better fall weather has you itching to stay outdoors and enjoy the perfect Houston fall, there are tons of wonderful outdoor art exhibits and sculpture. Did you know the City of Houston has an Art Locator? Click on an area, and find out what art is there, then go visit! You can even learn about the art in advance to enrich your experience.


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