Big Ideas for Active Bay Area Families

Ana Picazo - San Francisco Bay Area
September 3, 2013

Helping kids stay active is a vital way to ensure they lead happy, healthy lives. It also helps them burn off energy and leaves everyone in a good mood! Fortunately, it's easy to instill active habits in young children. Young children naturally move around a lot, and they love to run and play. All they need is a place with some space: a park, a playground, a quiet stretch of sidewalk, a driveway. On days when they have more than their fair share of energy to burn, take them to these fun places and give them a chance to really work up a sweat: 

Angel Island, San Francisco

Angel Island's small size, inaccessibility to cars, and miles of hiking and biking trails make it the perfect place for families to enjoy an active day. Start by boarding the ferry from San Francisco or Tiburon, and enjoy the views as you make your way across San Francisco Bay to Angel Island. You can take your own bikes on the ferry for an additional $1, or if you don't feel like lugging all that gear in your car, you can rent bikes and trailers on the island. The five-mile Perimeter Road provides plenty of exercise for the whole family. It's mostly paved and fairly family-friendly, though you may have to walk your bikes in some stretches, but you'll be rewarded with spectacular views the entire way.  

Rockin Jump, San Carlos

If your child is feeling flat, take him to an open bounce session at Rockin Jump. They have trampolines lining the floors and walls, so kids can literally bounce off the walls. There's a separate area where supervisors organize dodgeball games, a basketball dunking area, and a trampoline "runway" leading up to a huge foam pit that kids can dive, belly flop, or somersault into. 

Pump It Up, Sunnyvale

There's no better place to let your little jumping beans get their wiggles out than Pump It Up. Kids start bouncing as soon as they catch sight of all those giant inflatables—slides, obstacle courses, tracks and boxing rings—just waiting to be attacked. Some of those bigger slides can get scary for smaller kids, so right next door is Pump It Up Junior, with slightly smaller inflatables designed for those under 6. Both locations have pop-in play times a couple of times a week.

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park in San Jose has all the thrills for serious boarders:  the world's largest cradle, tallest vert wall, and an incredible full pipe. But with over 68,000 square feet of terrain, there's plenty of concrete to go around. LCRSP offers a wide variety of challenges for all skill levels, including some tiny puddles, gentle slopes, and a cool street section. What's more, the area is fully gated and supervised, making it a cool place for both big and little dudes.


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