SavvyPicks: What a Wonderful World This Is

Amy Rees
April 24, 2008

We grown-ups have lost touch. We rush over paved sidewalks in our lug-soled shoes and dart through traffic in our air-conditioned vehicles.

Kids still feel every pebble of the ground through their shoes. Their sharp eyes scan the sky for birds, real or jet-fueled. They go out of their way toward puddles, not around them. They think worms are cool.

Let's be like them.

And let's keep them connected to this pretty, fragile planet. Teach them about its ways, its systems, its magic. Our favorite ways to do so follow:

1. The Nature Treasury: A First Look Inside the Natural World

2. Butterfly Pavillion

3. Talking Microscope

4. Magnifying Glass

5. Life on Earth Memory Game

From the Parents

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