Gifts for a Crafty Kid

Eliza Clark
December 7, 2017

It seems an understatement to say that choosing gifts for family and friends during the holidays is a tricky process. Unless it’s for your very own child who has been telling you what he wants with great precision over and over for the past three months, then picking out a desirable present can be a tall order. If the present is for a child (niece, nephew, cousin, godchild, etc.), then you may be wondering, what does this kid like? Does she have this toy or book already? Will he really play with this?

The wonderful exception to this kind of holiday vexation is the Crafty Kid. Oh, how we love the Crafty Kid. 

The Crafty Kid likes to make things. The Crafty Kid will use any materials on hand—a ballpoint and index card will be put to surprising use in her hands—but what she really loves are inspiring materials: feathers, beads, paints, wood, cloth, paper of all sizes, colors and textures, yarn, pipe cleaners, buttons, glue, felt, and the list goes on and on. 

The Crafty Kid also loves creative ideas, and learning new skills. He wants to know how to mix colors, how to sew, and, best of all, how to use a hot glue gun (all in good time!). Craft kits that teach new techniques and books that are chock full of crafty ideas are always a hit.

In short, with a Crafty Kid, you can’t go wrong. If you give a beading set that she already has, she’ll just carry on and make more necklaces for all her friends and dolls. If you give a needlepoint kit that’s perhaps a tad too advanced, you can be sure that in just a year or two, that Crafty Kid will take it up again and enjoy it.

With that said, here are just a few of our favorite artsy, crafty gifts of the moment. We hope the young crafters and artists in your life get many hours of creative joy from these wonderful, can’t-go-wrong gifts.

Shrinky Dinks. These are just as much fun as ever!

Pipe cleaner kit. A crafty kid can make anything with pipe cleaners.

Colossal Barrel of Crafts. This will keep kids busy and delighted for a colossally long time.

Fingerprint art set. It’s amazing what kids can make with the tips of their tiny fingers.

Sewing kit. Sewing may sound like a chore to some, but you’d be amazed at how eager many kids are to learn how.

Beading set. The excitement of making beautiful baubles never seems to diminish.

Perler beads. Another beading craft that is strangely addictive for the little ones.

Washi tape. Such a fun and simple way to embellish paper and journals.

Origami set. Kids feel so excited and proud when they figure out how to turn slips of paper into their first origami creations.

Dwell Studio Stamps. These stamps sets are stylish and versatile.  Paired with a stamp pad, they make a wonderful gift.

Spin Art. A little retro fun and endless artistic possibilities.

How to Draw 101 Funny People. This and other books in the “How to Draw” series unlock the tricks of cartooning for budding artists.

The Complete Book of Arts and Crafts. With this book, there’s always a new craft to try. 

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