Creating Big Pieces of Art

Amy Fauss
June 14, 2012

We've heard it said that no dreamer is ever too small, and no dream is ever too big. Children certainly seem to embody this sentiment, don't they? With free spirits that fly higher than clouds, and a sense of adventure that knows no bounds, our little dream weavers inspire and delight us with their creativity and imagination.

And sometimes their flights of fancy simply cannot be contained on an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper. Oh, no! Our little dreamers need something much bigger to rightly convey their thoughts and ideas, which is where the idea of mega-sized masterpieces comes into play.

Imagine the look of excitement on your child's face when they step into the backyard to find a large scroll of paper taped on the fence, and a fresh supply of paints and brushes just waiting to come to life with the touch of their little hands. And the only direction from you is: Create! Whether it's colorful creatures from the oceans deep, a map of your neighborhood, or aliens from outer space, the possibilities are endless.

Another way to channel big dreams is, ironically, with little pieces of chalk. Turn your children loose to cover the entire driveway with their drawings.  Ask each family member to lay down and have the outline of their bodies traced, or perhaps divide the space into quadrants to use for classic games like Tic-tac-toe, Hang Man, or Pictionary.

Depending on just how adventurous you would like to be, consider creating theatrical scenery to be used in a play you put on in the back yard; or put together a photo backdrop where you poke your head through the hole and become Wonder Woman; or make a large Thank You sign to hang at the local fire station.

Bonus: Your children will learn patience as they work on a project of such great magnitude, and they'll learn to see something though from start to finish.  There's an opportunity to teach planning out space and design, and practicing drawing things to scale.

But no matter how big the dream, or how little the dreamer, spending time with your child is sure to bring you the greatest joy and happiness—beyond your wildest dreams!


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