Knowing Your Local ABCs: A Baltimore Alphabet

Laura Stallard Petza - Baltimore
May 30, 2012

Boy howdy, are we ever big fans of the alphabet, which is why we're so excited—not to mention a little frightened—to embark on an ABC journey around the Baltimore metropolitan area with you. Get ready, fellow alphabet-adventurers, for 26 (actually 27!) of our favorite things, arranged alphabetically, that are wonderfully, uniquely Baltimore. And please excuse our occasional stretchings of the alphabet, as letters like Q and X, as you'll soon discover, are a bit more difficult to work with than others. Anyway, here goes! Let's ABC our way around Mobtown! 

A is for Artscape - The biggest public art event in the country.

B is for Bromo Seltzer Tower - And you can tour the tower, you know.

C is for Crabs - A local culinary staple.

D is for Domino Sugar sign - An icon. Best viewed when lit.

E is for Eubie Blake - A musical legend, born right here in Baltimore.

F is for Fort McHenry - The site of several historically significant battles, as well as the place that inspired our national anthem.

G is for Great Halloween Lantern Parade - Held annually in Patterson Park; an always memorable, beautiful Baltimore event.

H is for Hon - Love it or hate it, it's a nickname that is here to stay.

I is for Inner Harbor - A fun spot for locals and tourists alike, and of great significance to regional industry. 

J is for Jones Falls - A waterway! An expressway!

K is for Kinetic Sculpture Race - The American Visionary Art Museum's unforgettable annual springtime event.

L is for Lewis, Reginald Museum of African American History - Putting the last name first is NOT cheating. And in any case, it's a superb museum.

M is for Milkshake - They may have hit the big-time, what with their national tours and TV spots, but Lisa Matthews and Mikel Gehl haven't forgotten their Baltimore roots, particularly since they still live here.

N is for Nature - We've got lots of it. Explore our area's numerous parks, trails, and nature centers.

O is for Orioles - The orange and the black. Our old-school baseball team.

P is for Port Discovery - Our very own kids' museum.

P (runner-up) is for Phelps - Because he's everywhere, especially with the summer Olympics approaching. 

Q is for Queen Anne's County - A stretch, granted, but you try dredging up a local Q. And anyway, it is pretty, being right on the Bay and all.

R is for Raven - Poetry and football.

S is for Star Spangled Banner - Our national anthem, composed right here in Baltimore.

T is for Train Museums - We've got two of them—one downtown and one in Ellicott City—to delight your junior train enthusiast.

U is for Utz Potato Chip Sign - Sure, the chips are made in Hanover, Pennsylvania, but we've got that amazing sign, right there at the bottom of 83.

V is for Vaccaro's - A Little Italy tradition, decaying sweet-tooths since forever.

W is for Walters Art Museum - Home to still more of Baltimore's incredible art collections.

X is for Xylophone - As in...ummm...those played by members of the BSO. (Ahem.)

Y is for Yuletide Cheer - Baltimore never goes half-hearted for the holidays. Visit Hampden's 34th Street for evidence of Charm City's holiday spirit.

Z is for Zoo - We just happen to have an awesome one. Check out Samson, the prairie dogs, and a host of other animal buddies.

Whoo!  That was exhausting! Now, how about you come up with a Baltimore alphabet of your own!  


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