Easter Celebrations with a Difference

Eliza Clark
March 26, 2018

Children like to have choices—this we know. They are much happier to choose apples or raisins for a snack when they know they have a choice between the two.

Adults, it turns out, also like to have choices, and in many areas, we do. When it comes to holidays, however, it often feels like we have no choice but to celebrate the same way we always have, which is roughly the same way that everyone else does.

It may feel that way, but in fact we do have choices about how (or whether) to celebrate Easter or any other holiday. Easter, we think, is particularly open to interpretation. Kids don’t have any grand expectations about presents, and the cultural build-up around it is considerably less than, say, for Halloween.

If you are inclined to experiment with an alternative to the traditional church service then an egg hunt followed by family meal kind of day, there are many other ways to celebrate the season of rebirth that is spring. Your kids will love joining you to…

…visit a farm or petting zoo to see newborn animals.

…plant seeds in a windowsill pot or a bit of ground.

…visit a garden that is just blooming.

…bring paints and paper outside to capture springtime blooms.

…picnic under the cherry blossoms or other flowering trees (be sure to bring a waterproof picnic blanket). 

…take a hike and squelch freely in the springtime mud puddles. 

…adopt an animal from a shelter if you are so inclined (‘tis the season for kittens!).

And if you prefer a more traditional Easter celebration, then you can save these ideas for any other spring day!


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