Sweets for Your Sweet

Lylah Alphonse - Boston
January 31, 2012

Looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or find a choice confection to share on Valentine's Day? Boston is sprinkled with great candy, chocolate, and cupcake options. Here are a few of our favorites:

Sweet Cupcake Bakery (http://www.sweetcupcakes.com) has four locations in and around the city (on Newbury Street, downtown on School Street, in the Back Bay on Commonwealth Avenue, and in Harvard Square, Cambridge), but even so, their cupcakes can sell out quickly. Their amazing Red Velvet cupcake with classic cream cheese icing is the runaway favorite, but they have a great selection of daily treats and a seasonal cupcake menu that will make the kid in you jump for joy.  Cupcakes are available in regular and mini sizes, and they even have a special applesauce-and-oatmeal "pupcake" for your favorite doggie. If you're thinking of stocking up for Valentine's Day, be sure to place an order a few days in advance; you can pick up your order or they'll deliver it to you.

Au Chocolate (3 High Street, Boston; 617-737-1197; http://www.treats.net) has a great selection of chocolates, of course, but also some chocolate-covered treats you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Things like chocolate-covered Twinkies and Oreo cookies stuffed with peanut butter or caramel and covered in milk chocolate. Almond buttercrunch, maple-sugar candies, fruit slices, and sugar-free chocolates round out their offerings.

Felicity Sweets (579 Tremont Street, Boston; 617-262-0707; http://www.felicitysweets.com) is part boutique, part candy shop, with unique hot chocolate blends and hard-to-find licorice bridge mix for those of you who hoard all of the black jellybeans at Easter. Bags of candies tied up with ribbons are tucked along the tops of the candy cases, ready for gift-giving.

Eldo Candy House (36 Harrison Avenue, Boston; 617-350-7977) is filled with favorites from Asia, from dried fruits to glutinous rice candies and jelly-filled marshmallows. If you're in or near Chinatown, stop in and pick out a selection of new and interesting flavors—we like the rock candy in lychee and guava flavors. You certainly won't find these in your local grocery store!


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