Keeping Little Hands Busy Over the Holidays

Michelle McNally
December 14, 2017

Winter break is upon most families, and while the break as a whole will fly by, some days may feel more like a week. What do you do with your children when the weather is cold and their energy is high? Everyday can't be a field trip, but something fun can happen every day, and some planning on your part will make any "unplanned" days go a little smoother. Take a look at the ideas below, gather any needed supplies, enlist a couple of playmates (sometimes that makes it easier) and have some fun while everyone has a little down time! 

Winter Weather Fun: If you have snow on the ground, bundle everyone up and go enjoy it! Once you've turned the yard into a choir of snow angels, let the kids try their hand at snow painting and making ice ornaments. If it's too cold to go outside, or your grass is still green, you can still have fun with a winter twist. An all-season snowman is fun to construct, and painting winter windows can set the mood. 

At-Home Fun and Games:  An at-home scavenger hunt can be a simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Creating a pillow maze and then jumping through it (or on it) is a good indoor large motor activity. Itty Bitty Bye...About So High is a fun twist on hide and go seek that kids of all ages will like. 

Getting Crafty: Several days at home in a row is the perfect time for mural mania. no large piece of paper? Cut open paper grocery bags or use the white side of a roll of wrapping paper. Freshen up your table top with some personalized placemats and give the birds a new place to feed with a milk carton bird feeder

Making Music: Making the instrument is one project, playing the instrument is another. Get to work making paper plate tambourines,  paper tube maracas, and an oatmeal drum, and you'll have your own household band in no time! 

Take into account what you enjoy doing and your children's interests when deciding on activities for your "at home time" and you're bound to happen upon some enjoyable activities for everyone. You never know- an activity you choose this year could become a winter break tradition!  

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