Just One Thing: Going Green

November 9, 2011

When you have little ones, the idea of trying to save the planet feels overwhelming and abstract. Just getting through the day-to-day duties of raising, teaching, and loving our preschoolers puts "being green" way down on our to-do lists.  However, this week, we have a quick, effective, Savvy idea for helping you "go green," and this one packs a big environmental punch.

Cancelling all those catalogs that clog your mailbox is one thing you can do to make your life easier (less mail to sort) and to help the environment.  This one simple step will help reduce the number of trees that are cut down each year (over 53 million just to produce catalogs), save water, and reduce green house gasses and trash in our landfills. You can do all this with just a couple of minutes on the computer. Remember that while it is fun to sit down and flip through the latest Pottery Barn catalog over a cup of coffee, it is just as easy to pour over their website and the environmental impacts are huge!

We recommend Catalog Choice for cancelling your catalogs. This free, simple, user-friendly site gets the job done quickly and is run by the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Fund and the Ecology Center. Catalog Choice does all the work for you. All you have to do is create a login and then select the catalog titles you would like to stop receiving. The database is huge, so as soon as you start typing your catalog titles pop-up. If you have the customer code from the back of the catalog, it helps ensure you will be removed from the mailing list immediately, so just keep a pile of them by the computer and login when you have a minute to remove more catalogs as they arrive. Get Savvy this week and do one simple thing to make your life easier and to help make this a great, green planet for our kids.

From the Parents

  • Samara Caughey

    This is one of the most helpful articles I have read in a long time. I have been trying to cancel my subscriptions, but they make it difficult and more from other companies just keep coming. Thank you.

    over a year ago


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