Happy Halloween!

Eliza Clark
October 31, 2017

Do you know where your children are today? Or have they vanished and been replaced with storybook characters, superheroes, animals and monsters?

What about your neighborhood? Have the lovely, sedate homes nearby been taken over by ghouls? Are they covered in cobwebs and oversize spiders? Is blood seeping from the windowsills? Are skeletons lurching from the steps?

It's a strange day, indeed. A strange day called Halloween.

Nothing will go quite as planned today—the spirits are at work, so that's just to be expected. Children will suddenly demand different costumes. Or their outfits will rip. Or vital elements of the ensemble (tiara, cape) will go astray. The cookies you are baking for the school party may burn. The friends you're supposed to meet up with may fail to show. It might rain, it might snow(!). You must take it all in stride. It's Halloween.

No matter the wardrobe malfunctions; no matter the children's frights and sugar-craziness; no matter the injuries sustained while carving pumpkins: it's HALLOWEEN!

And it's going to be frightfully grand.

Have a fabulous time, everyone!

From the Parents

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