Halloween Starts Now

Eliza Clark
October 9, 2017

Think back to your childhood memories of Halloween. What do you remember? One thrilling night a year when you got to carve pumpkins, dress up, traipse around after dark, skitter and squeal through haunted houses, and bring home a boatload of candy. Pretty great, right? And certainly memorable.

But what you don't remember is what went on behind the scenes. Because Halloween, like so many other grand childhood events, is a parental production. The kids show up at the final hour to play the leading roles, but the parents must put in many hours of preparation ahead of time to ensure a spectacular night for all.

So if you're not already in full Halloween-planning mode, the time to start is now! In any case, as the parent of a young child, you have very little choice in the matter. Even though the main event is still more than two weeks away, the parties, costume parades, and pumpkin-picking outings will be starting up shortly, and everyone must do their part. Beyond the practicalities, there is also a bit of mental preparation to be done. The preschool crowd may be tremendously excited for Halloween without really being able to conceive of what it's all about. 

For all those reasons, we're kicking off Savvy Halloween content today. When that oh-so-spooky day comes, and our little princesses, ghosts and firefighters sally forth into the autumn evening, you'll remember what makes all of the preparations worthwhile. And so will they, for years to come.

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