All That Sparkles

Zarlacht Atiqzoy
October 10, 2011

What is it about bottles of glitter that make games, art projects, and even costumes oh so much... better? Is it because it refracts light better and makes us look? Or instantly puts a smile on our face? Albeit these tiny specks of wonder are messy and the nemesis of vacuums, children love it, and the way it sprinkles on, over, and everywhere in their colorful worlds.

For the art table, tubes of either bold, pastel, or just gold or silver, are a must. Take any picture they draw (or scribble), and help your kids outline the thicker lines with craft white (so they can see it) glue. Hand them a bottle with a sprinkle lid, and let them try to cover the glue. Afterwards, pickup the drawing and shake from side to side, letting the glitter between the lines fall into glue. Be sure to line the table with larger construction or butcher paper so that you can save and reuse the access.

Glitter isn't just for art projects however. They can easily add that extra sparkle to any dress-up activity or game your kids want to play. For example, if you don't have sand on hand, try gold glitter when the boys need a mound to plow through with their cars. Little pirates on a treasure hunt could find a sack of "gold"! There's also pretend "pixie dust" of course, for those who want to fly... sprinkle it over their heads, and their giggles may take flight.

And speaking of dress up games, why not add some more to their costumes? Whether they are store-bought or homemade, adding sparkly sequins or a dash of pink, purple or silver glitter to their wardrobe will get them ready to attend a pretend fancy party. Glue some to their tiaras, wings, hats, feather boas and even shoes! After applying a coat of nail polish, add some pink glitter for an instant glow. Would your princess rather be a butterfly? Face painting is so much fun! There's plenty of costume make-up with sparkly designs to choose from and create on their faces. The boys may want to get in on this sparkly-action too... with glitter tiger and peacock faces!

From the Parents

  • K Ashworth

    My daughter love painting with watered down glitter glue on black paper

    over a year ago


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