Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Savvy Parenting Staff
September 27, 2011

So you've got one of those kids, do you? One of those who seems to be in constant motion himself, vrooming like his beloved cars and running his adored trains over every piece of furniture he finds himself near. One of those who can't tear her eyes away from cars (especially convertibles -- the very delight of it!) and dreams of nothing more than her next trip up, up, up in an airplane. And what, pray tell, do you read this child when you finally, somehow, stop all those turning wheels and pull him into your lap for a story? A book about more wheels (or engines or rudders), of course! Here are our all-time favorite books about planes, trains, cars and boats, for those rare moments when your little motion addict is sitting still!

A Day at the Airport

Richard Scarry is, of course, one of the Savvy Source's most beloved classic authors. We think the way his drawings delight while the jam-packed pages do explosive work on a child's vocabulary is simply masterful. And what better way to spend the day at the airport than with A Day at the Airport - a little dash of metaphysics for the younger set! And because this book is fairly overflowing with things and words and scenes and pictures, in classic Scarry style, it just may justify itself for a spot in all that luggage, instead of the, oh, 19 or so other stories that your little one thinks he just has to bring along. 

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

This Richard Scarry classic is the perfect compendium of all things real or wildly imaginative that chug and tug and zoom. It is of course chock full of the characters and vignettes that kids adore in Scarry books (yes, you must find Goldbug on every page!), but this one is officially dedicated to the vehicles that really make your little one's motor purr.


A reinvention of classic wooden toy car for the iPod age, Automoblox is a fusion of heirloom craftsmanship and ultra-modern styling transformed into a mix-and-match design system that allows kids to create their own unique car styles. Starting with a stylish wooden body, kids add wheels, windows, and unique customizing details.

I'm Mighty

Ah, the tugboat. We don't know a better metaphor for the determined strength of a pint-sized preschooler. The little boat in this story is particularly spunky and tough, regardless of small stature. Your little one will be inspired by the glance in the literary mirror, and we guess it will be your heartstrings that are tugged in the end.   

Go, Dog, Go!

Your kids will cherish this P.D. Eastman classic for its urgent sense of go-go-go, and you will love it for the same reason - except you'll recognize it as the relentless action that whirls through your home every day! Going, stopping, rushing, learning, planning, meeting, greeting, waking, sleeping, and of course, ending up at a wild party with all your friends - the stuff preschoolers' dreams (and days!) are made of. 



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