If You Like the Zoo, You'll Love a Safari

Holly Duce
September 26, 2011

Every year we take a trip to the zoo. We wait until the weather is just right so we can make the most of our annual adventure. Our kids love visiting each of the habitats and checking out all of their favorite animals. We enjoy a picnic lunch together in the sunshine and fresh air. If it does happen to rain, we have to duck into an enclosed exhibit to wait it out and potentially cut our trip short.

If you have a safari-type zoo in the area, you won't have to worry about the weather at all.  You'll enjoy spotting all sorts of animals right from the comfort of your own car.  In many ways, it's more fun than a traditional zoo because it'll feel more like you are seeing the animals in the wild.  Your children will delight as they make their way through the wide-open habitats and watch the animals as they come up to the car windows. Many drive-through safari zoos also have petting zoo areas where you can get out, stretch, and explore a little.

Drive-through safaris are perfect for a rainy day adventure any time of year (as long as they are open year-round). To make the most of your experience, find out ahead of time what animals you might see. Print off some coloring pages featuring the different animals and check out a few books from your local library to learn more about them. Some animals will be easy to spot; others will be harder, or you may not see them at all. Having other fun things to in the car either for the drive over or when there is a lull in the action will be helpful.  If you like going to the zoo, chances are you'll also enjoy a safari!

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