Field of Dreams

Savvy Parenting Staff
July 18, 2013

As the boys of summer take the field each night, there may be certain persons at your house who spend inordinate amounts of time studying tiny columns of obscure numbers in the sports section or switching on the radio, TV, or computer just to "check on the game." Perhaps there are other, smaller persons at your house who wonder what in the world all those crazy grownups in funny caps and outfits that look strangely like pajamas are doing with their balls, bats, and gloves, and why certain other grownups seem to care so much about it. Well, all you baseball fans out there, here is the moment you've been waiting for: your child is ready to learn the basics of the game. All that complicated jargon, the intricacies of scoring and statistics, the history of the sport, not to mention the challenges of throwing, hitting, running, and catching! Becoming a true fan or player is the work of a lifetime. Why not start early? So get out there and bat some balls around, and later curl up with some wonderful books that introduce the fundamentals. Oh, and by all means, take your kids out to a ballgame!

Baseball ABC

If you're looking to weave baseball lingo into you child's consciousness from the very beginning, here's where to start. This board book is perfect for the youngest baseball enthusiast. You know, the kind who would just as soon gnaw on a ball as throw or catch one. With this book as a primer, your tot will be spouting terms like "flyball," "grounder," and "strikeout" before you know it. Who wouldn't be proud of a baby who could say "home run" before "hello"?

H Is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet

This well-done alphabet book takes the ABCs of baseball to another level, offering words and phrases as well as definitions and explanations of key baseball concepts. Famous players and stadiums are highlighted (J is for Jackie Robinson, W for Wrigley Field), as well as elemental features of the game (O, of course, is for three strikes you're Out). The youngest novice will enjoy the catchy rhymes and lovely pictures. Older preschoolers will delight in the baseball facts jam-packed into the book's margins: did you know that twelve former little leaguers have been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame? If you needed any inspiration to get your tee-ball set up in the backyard or at the playground, here it is.

My Baseball Book

If you little one has been bitten by the baseball bug, and yet you yourself are not the all-knowing baseball sage that you are suddenly expected to be, this handy volume comes right to your rescue. Savvy as we parents may be in virtually every other aspect of life (yeah, right!), not all of us are completely crystal clear on the difference between a fly ball and a foul ball. And that's okay, really. But if you find yourself feigning temporary deafness when you hear the question "What's a strike zone, Mama?" then do consider this little book which explains it all, from the equipment to the rules of the game, from the first pitch to the last out. You and your wee player will feel a whole lot savvier, we promise.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Yes, you know the song. Perhaps you've even found yourself crooning this old tune as you lull your little tee-ball slugger to sleep on a summer's eve. It doesn't get any better than that, right? Oh, but it does. This lovely illustrated volume gives us the history behind the song, and the complete lyrics. Who knew that this ever popular tune was composed almost one hundred years ago? Who knew that the song is about a girl named Kate who is crazy for baseball? You'll learn all that and much more baseball lore from these pages, and your small fan will add a classic American song to her repertoire. But don't be surprised when she too demands that you take her out to a ballgame!

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