What’s Next?

Eliza Clark
September 17, 2011

With small children around, there is always something new. The moment they've mastered one thing, they're on to the next thing. The moment we, their parents, have gotten used to one way of doing things, it's time for a different approach.

By the time they are three or four, we've already gone through so many transitions: from cribs to beds; from sippies to cups; from strollers to scooters; from playgroups to preschool.

What's next?

As parents, we like to think that we are one step ahead of our kids. We can see what's coming, and we can prepare. We know to buy clothes a size too big—that's an easy one. And yet even with something that basic, our kids often surprise us with their sudden growth spurts or radical changes in clothing taste. (No more dresses? What??)

And what about trickier territory, like reading? Or our preschoolers' love of art, animals, bikes or flowers? Where might those interests take them? How can we help them take the next step, and build on their skills to learn new ones?

That's our theme for these next weeks, and our Savvy crew is full of ideas. Moved by the giant step forward so many kids have just taken into a new school classroom, we're thinking about how to support and inspire them to take what they love to the next level. Or perhaps it's the other way around: we are mentally preparing ourselves for the moment when our kids decide on their own that they want to move on to the next chapter (or even chapter books!). 

In other words, we're preparing to be surprised.

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