Make It! Kool-Aid Play Dough

Holly Duce
September 13, 2011

Making play dough is always a fun project for kids. This recipe for making it with Kool-Aid is like the icing on the cake!  Not only does the Kool-Aid give the dough its color, it gives it a yummy fragrance as well.


1 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
1 Tbsp. cooking oil
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 pkg. unsweetened Kool-Aid
1 c. water


Mix dry ingredients. Add oil and water. Cook over medium heat until mixture forms a ball. Pour onto waxed paper or bread board and knead. Store in airtight container.

Experiment with different flavors of Kool-Aid for a variety of colors and scents. The dough will smell good enough to eat and since your little one may actually take a bite, rest assured that this recipe is non-toxic.

Kool-Aid play dough makes a great party favor, Valentine or classroom Christmas present that you and the kids can make together. Disposable (yet reusable) containers in the one- to two-cup size are perfect for packaging the gift. For Valentine's Day, choose a red Kool-Aid for your recipe and form the dough into the shape of a heart before packaging it. Tie a pretty ribbon around it with a mini heart cookie cutter attached and decorate the outside with stickers. Similarly, you can use lime Kool-Aid and a tree cookie cutter for Christmas. Don't forget about Halloween! Parents will appreciate the sugarless treat while children will enjoy the fun activity. Orange-flavored Kool-Aid and a pumpkin cookie cutter will make the perfect Halloween treat.


From the Parents

  • Jennifer White

    Does anyone know if the dough will stain? When I think of Kool-Aid I think of stains...

    over a year ago


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