Make It! Simple Friendship Bracelets

Michelle McNally
September 13, 2011

Friendship bracelets have been made for as long as children have been going to summer camp. Even young children can make the most simple of bracelets with some easy instructions.

Supplies needed:

Thread or yarn


Tape and/or a safety pin to secure while making

Most friendship bracelets start with either very fine yarn or embroidery floss. Gather all of the strands needed for a bracelet, and tie a knot to gather them. Poke a safety pin through the knot, and then secure the pin to a work surface with tape (or pin it to something like an old pillow).

For the most basic of bracelets, choose two colors, tie the top into a knot, and then twist the two colors together. Finish with a second knot. 

A second simple bracelet uses three strands of yarn or thread. Once the three strands and gathered and tied into a knot on top, simply braid the three strands together like you would a hair braid.

For older children (at least five), more complicated patterns are very appealing. For patterns and more information on friendship bracelets with older children, see's tutorials and patterns.

Once made, friendship bracelets are fun to give to other people. They are an easy craft to bring along for a long car ride, for there's no glue or small pieces to lose. All of the supplies can fit in an envelope, yet they can keep kids busy for miles and miles! 


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