The Best Books About Separation and Starting School

Savvy Parenting Staff
August 17, 2018

The tough part of separating from parents is serious business (see The Kissing Hand if you need to dive right into the heavy stuff), but the truth is that for many kids, a wonderful preschool is amazingly fun and actually quite easy to jump right into. (It seems to always knock the parents out to see their wee little soldiers cross the classroom door, even if the little darlings never look back!) But whether it is before the first day in September or just after a long winter break or whatever, you'll likely be walloped at some point by a pair of soulful eyes telling you that they don't want to go to school. And this book is the perfect, light, engaging response. It is positive, engaging, and reassuring in the most upbeat way possible. It catalogs all the incredible things that a little one gets to do at school until the answer is clear: "I can't wait to get to school!" So, let's go!

The Kissing Hand

We must warn you -- you are a stronger person than many of us at the Savvy Source if you can actually make it through this one without choking up. We were sobbing, frankly. And that wasn't just on the first read. Sigh. This is big stuff. Heading off to school. The good news is that your little one will love school. The bad news is that he'd for sure love it more if you could maybe stay for most of it with him. The best news is that this sentimental little book will give you both a trick to know that you are really right there for him (and he for you) during the entire day. Mrs. Raccoon sends Chester off for his school night—get it? Raccoons are nocturnal and children are not (or so you keep reminding him....) with a secret that you and your little one may just be re-enacting for years and years to come.

Wow! School!

For sheer enthusiasm about starting school, there is no match for this book. The title clues you in; these spare text, high energy illustration pages fairly scream all the cool things about school. No mention of separation trepidation here - it is all the good stuff. Sometimes, we think, that is all we need to know.

Oh My Baby, Little One

Starting school can be heavy stuff, and we all have a few worries that we need to share. This charm of a book certainly reassures, and it does so lovingly, not sickeningly. If you are looking for an especially touching way to tell your tiny person that you are loving him all the way through that whole day at school, look no further.

What to Expect at Preschool

We all struggle to remind ourselves to look at the world as our children look at it. For all we know and want to show them, sometimes the hardest thing is to remember just exactly how much they don't know! You are rushing about reading everybody for school, and your little one isn't even clear yet on the concept that school is for him, not you. Ah yes, the basics. To be sure you are answering all of the unspoken questions, run through this book, organized in the familiar Q&A format of the "What to Expect" books for adults. We suspect it just may answer some questions you both never knew you had!

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