"Camping" Night

July 16, 2018

Family nights are often the highlight of our kids' weeks. They anticipate the routine, the fun, and the quality family time. This week Savvy wants to help you spice up the usual game or movie night with a twist  So, turn off the screens, shut off the electricity. and enjoy a cozy night together with Savvy's indoor campout!

Set up camp: Spread a large blanket on the living room floor and drag out those sleeping bags. Place a lantern in the center of the blanket for a "campfire."  If you have some extra time and a tent that fits in the house, set it up. Be sure to invite some of your favorite stuffed animal friends.  Don't forget flashlights, glow sticks and your pajamas.

Get out that grub: There is no need for a fancy fire pit for this indoor campout. Boiled hot dogs on paper plates feel festive when eaten on a big blanket in the darkened living room and PB&J's definitely qualify as an easy camping dinner. Be sure to set out some tasty snacks such as cereal snack mix, popcorn, and fruit. Serve drinks in canteens, thermoses, or paper cups. For dessert, a campout would not be the same without delicious s'mores.

Sing together: Once your bellies are full, sit around the fire, and teach your little ones about repeat or "echo" songs. Try these old standards and take turns being the leader: Boom Boom Ain't It Great to be CrazyBazooka BubblegumBill Grogan's Goat, and Flea Fly.

Have some campout fun: Play flashlight tag in the darkened house, take a flashlight walk around the neighborhood in your jammies, or play a board game by the campfire. 

Tell a campfire story: Steer clear of the scary ones, and choose a story that's silly and involves every member of your family. A one-sentence story game will definitely illicit some giggles. One family member starts with a sentence, and everyone takes turns around the circle with each member building on the story with a sentence of his or her own that somehow relates to the one before it.  The sentences can be as simple or complicated as you wish. You can start with a theme of "camping" or "hot dogs" to get started. The person to start the story chooses when to end as well.

Cuddle up together:  To make it a super-exciting campout, have your gang (or maybe just the kids), sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. Before you call "Flashlights out!" ask each family member to share his or her favorite part of the campout. The time spent "camping" together will make memories bigger than the great outdoors.

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