Making Family Night Fun: Pizza, Movies and More

Eliza Clark
July 16, 2017

Something wonderful happens when your kids start to get just a little bit older—say 4 years old and up. The realm of shared interests between parents and children gets larger.  You both start to enjoy more of the same things. Whether it's cards or board games, movies, music or food, we simply have more in common with the kiddos these days. They are no longer babies with their crazy baby ways. Rather, they are starting to become actual people (albeit short ones), and that's a whole lot of fun.

It's around this age that it starts to make sense to experiment with a "family night." Rather than each person doing his or her own thing as usual, the idea is to spend an evening together in a joint activity that everyone likes. It could be anything, really, and this week we'll be dipping into our collective Savvy wisdom to bring you lots of creative yet tried-and-tested ideas for enjoying an evening together as a family.

If you want to start off with a classic concept, you can't go wrong with a "pizza and movie night." Those who enjoy family time in the kitchen may want to make their own pizza, while others would love to skip cooking for a night and order in. Or if the kids feel like baking a special treat for the evening (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?), that's a great afternoon activity as well.

Then the only dilemma is choosing a movie. A fun way to resolve any conflicting ideas among family members is to make a movie wish list of all the films that everyone wants to see, with those everyone agrees on at the top. Some parents may want to use family movie nights as a way to introduce their kids to classic films that they themselves loved as children. Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music, for instance. Others may want to join their kids in watching recent hits they missed at the theater—The Lego Movie or Planes, perhaps. For excellent movie ideas for kids and families, we always turn to Common Sense Media's library of reviews and recommendations by age.

Whatever film you choose, do something extra to make the experience special. Make popcorn, dim the lights, cuddle under a blanket with your cuties... and enjoy the show!


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