Outdoor Photography: Hand Over the Camera to the Kids

June 21, 2017

Families everywhere are taking advantage of these beautiful summer days by hitting the beach or taking a hike in a local park. Summer break promises some of the best times of year to get outdoors with your kids. And, while you're out doors, chances are you will bring your camera with you. Are your kids fighting  posed pictures? Have you already taken enough beach pictures of the kids? Why not trying handing the camera over to the kids. Sure, this can be risky, especially if they are younger. But here are five good reasons to let your kid point and shoot—with careful supervision, of course.

A new perspective

When you hand your camera over to your child, you actually see what they see. Unexpected candid shots with interesting angles usually result. Sometimes, their pics are downright artistic.

Making family memories

Allowing your child to have some time capturing memories gives them some ownership over the moment itself. When you all look back at the pictures, they will remember that they caught that very special moment.

A new skill

Let's face it, photography is an art and an important skill. Teaching your child how to use a camera, understand the lighting, and consider composition is a great skill to share.

Looking closely

If your child is in charge of taking pictures of a hike in a park, they may just stop and smell the flowers -- after they take a picture of them. Being in charge of the camera makes them think about where they are and what they should look at carefully.

You're in the picture... finally

Parents who usually take the pictures are hardly ever in the pictures. Hand the camera over to one of your children and there you are, part of that family memory too.


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