Easy Recipes for School Nights

Zarlacht Atiqzoy
April 9, 2018

I'm not sure why the cooking gene sometimes skips a generation, but in my case, it did. And it makes me terribly sad (my husband even more so). It's important for us to make dinner time a time for family and, equally important, is making sure that what's being learned during this family time are healthy eating habits that will last our kids a lifetime.

Sharing and exchanging recipes is a traditional pastime, and now I know why. Finding that tried-and-true recipe that is quick and easy, and with ingredients we can actually pronounce, is what will help us plan, prepare, and serve meals our family can enjoy together.

Some of our favorite, deliciously simple recipes for school nights come from online websites that keep the entire family, and their time, in mind.  

SheKnows' Chef Mom has a catalog of inspiring school dinners {and also breakfast and lunches} to choose from. Festive themed dinners? Sandwiches with a twist? Only have fifteen minutes to spare? Check Chef Mom's school dinner recipes before you hit the drive-through!

Good Life Eats
is a foodie photography blog that is filled with great recipes. Mom Katie Goodman shares her own personal journey in the kitchen, fine tuning ingredients to surpass the taste buds of her biggest critics, her family. The photography is great and truly makes you want to dive right in and share a meal at her table.

Need even more inspiration? Visit This Week for Dinner, for weekly menu plans planned for you.

Planning ahead will make any dinner recipe you choose easier to work with. So whether your day to organize the week is on Sunday or Tuesday, spend some time designing a weekly menu plan and piece together big menu items that can be expanded and enjoyed other days of the week - roasted turkey for dinner... turkey wraps for lunch... and so on. This takes some creativity upfront, but the time invested will minimize waste, leftovers, and costly grocery bills.

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