Summer Staples

Eliza Clark
August 18, 2014

Summer's passing all too quickly. It goes so fast that we sometimes forget to make time for classic, staple summer activities with our kids. Well, it's not too late yet. In these last weeks before school and real life set in, here are a few favorites we want to be sure to enjoy together.

Collecting shells, sea glass, pressed flowers or.... Being out in nature seems to inspire most kids to collect bits of the beauty they find.  Whether it's pinecones or sea glass, creating those collections is a classic part of summer.

Watching fireflies. Are there fireflies in your part of the world? If so, what a lucky thing to be able to watch them in the dusk of a summer evening with your children. It's magic!

Making s'mores. When it comes to classic summer treats, it's a toss-up between ice cream cones and s'mores. Now that the evenings are cooling off enough to make a campfire appealing, we are going to go with s'mores. Sticky sweetness at its best.

Picnics. We've been picnicking all summer long, and we're going to keep at it for as long as we can. 

Gardening and/or visiting farm stands. All of the veggies are coming in strong these days. Time to get those little hands grubby!

Playing board games and cards. Whether you're playing Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Go Fish, Memory or a mysterious game your four-year-old invented, sitting around a game table with the kids without anything else to do, or anywhere else to be is what summer is all about.

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