Walk, Bike, or Scoot to School

Eliza Clark
August 8, 2011

We have an exciting announcement: we are hosting a very generous "mommy-and-me" giveaway from Kickboard USA of two scooters -- one for a grown-up and one for a two- to five-year-old child. We love these scooters! See below for why and for details on how to enter the giveaway.

Can you wrap your head around the fact that the first day of school is approaching? Can you picture that first morning? In particular, have you figured out how you'll get your little one to school? Will you walk together, hand in hand? Will you push the stroller, strap'em into the car seat, or, perhaps, race after your child on her bike or scooter?

However you get yourselves from your front door to the preschool steps, we hope it's an enjoyable time. Because you'll be making that trek, back and forth, so many times in the coming year.  Often you'll be rushing (that seems to be how it goes), but sometimes you'll mosey along in leisurely fashion.  Sometimes you'll be doling out snacks as you go, other times you'll be having priceless conversations with your child about his day.  Always, the journey to and from is a time to savor.

Speaking of methods of getting to preschool, I will tell you a little tale about our trekking here in New York City.  On the first day of school last year, virtually all of the three-year-olds arriving at the school steps were in their strollers.  Our preschool is housed in a small townhouse, and that means lots of stairs. The parents and babysitters maneuvered their way into the "stroller parking" in the basement, and then coaxed little ones up two flights of steps or into a small, crowded elevator and everyone smiled, sighed and rolled their eyes as we all realized that this was to be the morning routine for the next nine months.

Fast-forward to January and, as you may have heard, the huge snow-drifts that made pushing a stroller for eight city blocks completely out of the question. I remember seeing one desperate mother pick up her baby and abandon her stroller on an impossible corner (foot deep slush off the curb, narrow, icy pathways thought waist-high snow pile-ups, ugh!!) -- that's how bad it was. During this period, needless to say, the three-year-olds at our school were bumped out of their strollers pretty quickly. In head-to-toe snowsuits, the kids trudged through the snow, and everyone was late to school because they were having such fun tossing snowballs at the cars.

Come spring, guess what? Hardly any of those kids were in strollers any more. They had survived the winter, they had grown, they had developed lots independence, and lo and behold, their strollers were a thing of the past. Some walked, others skipped, and many sprinted down the last block. One kid wobbled along on his new bike with training wheels (his mother didn't look too happy about it). And several skimmed confidently across the streets and sidewalks on their scooters.

My little girl was one of the "scooterers" (as she dubbed them), and what fun it was to watch her sail along, helmet on her head, pack on her back, weaving confidently through the pedestrians (cringe) and taking the sidewalk bumps with ease. Wow! What an independent, fearless creature she's become, I'd think, as I jogged behind her, trying not to fall too far behind.

Just a week ago Kickboard USA sent me a beautiful White Kick Scooter to take for a test drive. When I opened the box, I felt like a kid: so excited!  I could not wait to hop on for a ride, and luckily, it was a cinch to adjust and lock the folding handlebars into the right position. I called out to now my now four-year-old scooting buddy, and she jumped on her Mini Kickboard scooter, and away we went. SO FUN.

I see a lot of scooters here on the streets on NYC. Toddlers and preschoolers ride them, big kids ride them, and grown-ups too. Given our fascination with scooters, my daughters and I have taken many a model for a test ride, and I can tell you without reservation that Kick scooters are by far our favorite. For kids, the three-wheel design offers great stability, yet the genius Swiss design gives excellent maneuverability and a very smooth ride. My new two-wheel scooter is just as well made, with incredible stability and an almost-effortless ride. The handlebars are comfy, and the scooter even comes with a small but very sturdy kickstand! Seeing my Kick Scooter lined up in a row with those of my kids makes me very, very happy.

Now for the best part of this post: You too, dear readers, can share in the child-like joy of opening a box that contains a scooter just for you. And to add to the fun, we're throwing in one for your kid as well! (So don't even think about trying to steal mom's!)  That's right... Kickboard USA is giving away one White Kick Scooter (bigger kid or adult size) and one Mini Kickboard scooter (for ages two to five, style pictured above) to one of our lucky readers. Your preschool transportation dilemmas are solved!

To enter, comment on this post by August 14 and be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you. In your comment, tell us: What is your favorite way to get your child to and from preschool? 

Disclosure: We were given two scooters from Kickboard USA to review. The opinions above are the writer's own.

We've chosen a winner! With the help Random.org, Cindy W has been selected as the lucky recipient of two scooters from Kickboard USA.  Thanks, everyone!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    nice article.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    We love to walk to school it gives us time to talk about the day and just stay in touch. I love that we live so close to school sultansmom at gmail dot com

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 3

    I love to bike with the bike trailer! Makes the trip fun for both of us, plus I work off a little bit of butt on the journey! Ha! Thanks so much for the chance to enter! The scooters look fabulous! psychmamma1@gmail.com

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 4

    My daughter is starting preschool this year. I'm very excited since we are only 5 or 6 blocks away. I plan to put the baby in the stroller, and walk hand in hand with my daughter to school. It reminds me of when my sister and I were little. The two of us walked with each other to school from Kindergarden through 12th grade!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 5

    1st day of preschool coming up and we are thrilled that we live close enough to walk. There are two paths that wind down the hill so part of the way we'll be off the street. Have been lusting after scooters, though, so perhaps we'll be traveling via Kick scooters soon!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 6

    We are too far away to walk or bike to school, but we love to carpool with our classmates whenever possible. There's nothing like a backseat chat to get us ready for a day of fun at school!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 7

    My sons favorite way to get to preschool is in the bike trailer but that's probably because I do all the work :) Second favorite is to walk but if we won these scooters I'm 100% sure that would be his favorite by far!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 8

    We used to always drive because it was too far, but now that we live less than a mile from the school, we like to walk on days when I am working from home (otherwise it's very much on the way to work). The walking is so great for slowing life down a bit and getting a chance to really see the neighborhood.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 9

    My three year old daughter will be starting preschool about a mile and half away. I bought a Weehoo I-Go bike trailer, all excited to pedal to and from school together. Well, she's terrified of it and won't sit in it again. I think part of the problem is that she went from a stable tricycle to a unstable-feeling (to her) one-wheeled trailer attached to a two-wheeled bike. It's going to be slow going getting her back on it. Oh well. Maybe a pair of scooters would be fun in the meantime.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 10

    I would love to be close enough to school to walk together or scooter there together, unfortunately, I have to drive her there.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 11

    Walking to/from pre-school would be choice #1. Riding or scooting would also be fun, but we are forced to drive for too many reasons. We hope to move closer to schools some day. I'm so thankful for Kickboard Mini Kicks. I've seen similar styles, but they were hard to find in the US & too expensive to order. Finally, an affordable US model! Thank you!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 12

    We drive to schoool since we don't live close enough to preschool. We always listen to music and talk on the way. I encourge them to try new things at preschool and above all have fun! Coming this fall when my older daughter starts kindergaten I hope to walk (maybe scoot) her home a few days a week. That way we can talk all about her day and all the things she learned and fun stuff she did.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 13

    We ride our trailer bike. So lucky. We love it!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 14

    Kickboards are the best scooters in the world! I wish I had one to scoot around in too! We have two steep mountains to go up and down, so we have to drive to preschool. My son loves to scoot around the neighborhood, but I can't keep up on my feet!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 15

    We drive to preschool. But we are all "scooterers" too in our time out of the car!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 16

    We don't have a car, so my daughter and I walk or bus everywhere. For her first day of preschool, we will be walking hand in hand, side by side!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 17

    I have 2 that love each other, but argue over who's bike they have. 2 scooters would make our walks to school and the pool spliff easier!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 18

    We live to far to walk so we drive. So jealous of some friends that are going to be double-stroller'ing it this year.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 19

    We live a long way from where my daughter attends preschool, so driving is our only choice. However- we usually pass the time by singing songs on our own or singing along with some of our favorite kids CDs!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 20

    My favorite way to get my child to and from preschool is the only way we have - in our Jeep. It's not close enough to walk or bike!

    over a year ago


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