Catch the Travel Bug with Britt Reints

Ashley O'Neill
July 29, 2011

We follow Britt Reints on Twitter and read her blog, In Pursuit of Happiness, and when she started a year-long journey around the country with her family in an RV, we were completely enchanted. This is the stuff that books and movies are made of, right? Selling all of our personal belongings and setting off on a life-changing adventure. And she's doing it!  We asked her if she would do a short Q&A with us so that we could share some of her story with all of you, and she graciously agreed.

1. What was the genesis for this idea?

My husband and I went to New York last summer together and had a great time and were reluctant to get back to "normal" life. I said something on Twitter about wishing we could travel as a family all the time. People sent me links to blogs and twitter accounts of families who did just that!

2.  Is this something you've always wanted to do? A bucket list item, perhaps?

Nope! It's an idea I came up with one Sunday afternoon last August.

3.  Was this a difficult decision to come to, as a family, or was everyone on board immediately?

I think my husband thought I was kidding or thinking hypothetically of a dream way off in the future. Once I started talking about actual dates, he got a little more anxious, but he came around to the idea pretty quickly.

4.  Where do you plan to go?

We're hitting the outer perimeter of the country mainly. We're originally from the Midwest, so we've covered that area pretty extensively already.

5.  How are your kids participating in the work of the trip?

They are pretty young so they aren't really a major part of the planning. We do ask them to read about areas before we arrive and give us suggestions for things they want to see, and they are having to learn about how to make life out of an RV work right along with Jared and I.           
6.  How will you handle their education while on the road?

My husband is going to be primarily in charge of that since I'm still working. We plan to do most of it online through a virtual school setting, but we're waiting on final approval from the state of Florida for that.

7.  What have you learned so far?

Well, we've learned we need to slow down. We've learned that we need to take the time to make our intentions and goals clear -- to each other and ourselves -- or it's really easy to not get what you want out of life, a day, or a city. We've learned that it's much easier to get along with one another when we're being purposefully patient and open minded. We've learned that we are happiest just hanging out together with no agenda.

8. What are you looking forward to most with this experience?

I'm most looking forward to seeing San Francisco next spring! I've never been and have always wanted to visit. I'm also looking forward to seeing my kids learn about this country firsthand.

9. Do you have a personal goal, something you want to accomplish just for you during the next twelve months?

I'd like to have a magazine article published. I'm hoping I'll be able to make time to do some of the writing I really want to do as opposed to solely the stuff that pays the bills. :-)

10. Aside from your computer, what's the most essential thing (or things) you've packed?

My camera, journals, bikes and the Keurig coffee maker.

The Reader's Digest version of her story is above, but visit her blog for all of the details and photos and adventures. Trust us. You will be just as enthralled as we are.

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Just when I thought the travel bug in me subsided, I read this. Now I've got it again! Thanks so much for highlighting this family and their adventures - we'll be following along!

    over a year ago


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