Best Beach Toys

Eliza Clark
July 17, 2011

Don't know about you, but we are sooo ready to head to the beach! The summer temps are climbing steadily, and now's the time to make your escape to that other world of sand and water and the sound of waves. Children are never happier than they are at the beach.  They build, swim, collect treasures, meet friends, and, quite simply, run free.  Kids don't need much when heading to the shore, but a few great toys will keep them occupied and content for hours and hours.  These beach toys are so fun, parents will want to join in the play as well. Enjoy your beach time, everyone!


This cute, colorful tugboat has a handle and a spout for hours of fun in the waves, and it floats too. You may wish to have a couple of these popular tugs so that the toddler sharing battles don't get out of hand! Best of all, Green Toys makes all their playthings from recycled plastic milk jugs. It's good to be able to do a little something for our environment while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Sand Play Set

Here is an excellent, basic sand set with the requisite bucket, rake, shovel and castle ramparts mold. Made from a safe plastic for kids (no BPA or phthalates) and eco-friendly too.

Dump Truck

Looking for an energy-efficient truck for hauling sand around at the beach this summer? Of course you are! Or at least your wheels-obsessed little one is. Look no further than this tough and durable Green Toys dump truck.

Sand Cupcake Set

Take the cupcake craze to the next level with these cupcake sand molds and decorating tools from Melissa and Doug.  A perfect sand toy for small would-be bakers. The sand cakes your child makes for you never looked so good! (Pictured above.)

Sand Play Back Pack Set

We love going to the beach with our kids, but not so much toting towels, beach umbrella, lunch, drinks, sunscreen, change of clothes and the kids' sand toys.  Teach these kids a bit of self-sufficiency and give them an excellent set of sand toys with this German-made Sand Play Back Pack: it fits a watering can, bucket, sifter, shovels and more.

Pirate Pip Body Board

Get your little one's surfing career off to a great start with this inflatable body board.  With raised handles for a secure grip, small kids will feel safe and comfortable on this board as they ride their first (gentle) waves to shore.

iPlay Beach Builder Create a Castle

This Beach Builder Create-A-Castle allows the whole family to work together to build a humongous sand castle! This 18-piece set includes 2 piece tower mold, tower lever, 6 mold clips, castle wall mold, castle lever, 4 window inserts, 2 door inserts, 1 sculpting tool and a convenient storage tote for easy carrying and storing.

Water Park Bucket

Devoted sand castle builders and moat diggers will fall hard for this ingenious bucket that has a valve and spigot on one side. It dispenses water in a steady stream, filling moats and rivers to the satisfaction of every young engineer's dream.

Clear Bucket

For young beach combers who like to spend the entire day collecting shells, rocks, sea weed and who knows what else, this clear bucket (that's also phthalate and pvc-free) is just the thing.  The kiddos can show you their treasures without dumping the entire thing, and you can inspect to make sure you're not bringing anything creepy-crawly home. 

Clicker Crab Toss and Grip

It doesn't get much better in life than tossing a ball around at the beach.  Except when you don't really know how to catch (cue frustrated little kids stomping away).  Let your kids ease into the game, and practice those hand-eye coordination skills with this beach-themed Toss and Grip set from Melissa and Doug: the Velcro practically reaches out and grabs the ball for them.  Nice catch, crabby!

Butterfly Kite

Fly a kite at the beach with your kids and that is sure to become the summer memory they will never forget.  So fun, and so beautiful!

Water Slinger Floatable Flying Disc

A Frisbee-like disc that sprays water as it spins across the beach?  SO fun!  This gizmo floats and absorbs water and is easy to throw and catch.  Gotta try it.

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