Summer Surprises

Eliza Clark
June 10, 2011

Summer vacation is long, but the same can't be said for young children's attention spans. No matter how many fun plans and trips you have in store, the days will come when one of those kids will say "I'm boooored" and you'll wonder how their teachers do it, day after day.

Time for something new, time for a "surprise." Because isn't that most kids' very favorite word in the English language? They get so excited when they hear it. A surprise! A surprise! It doesn't matter what it is; it's a surprise!

What does a "surprise" mean in the language of preschoolers?

Well, it can be just about anything: the key is in the packaging. You probably have a few items up your sleeve that you've been saving for summer days. Presented with a bit of flair, they become "surprises" of highest order. Young children adore the anticipation and mystery of a surprise; they appreciate pretty wrapping and other aesthetic flair; and most of all, they revel in novelty. For them, the whole world is yet to be revealed and understood. Any surprise brings them a bit further down the road of discovery.

Here are some of the "summer surprises" we have mentally stowed away, waiting for the dog days of summer when everyone needs a bit of wonder and amazement.

  • Bubbles never get old. Hide a fresh supply in your playground bag, and present with a flourish. Same goes for sidewalk chalk.
  • If you've got a special outing planned with the kids (baseball game, anyone?), make the tickets the final surprise of an unexpected treasure hunt.
  • Kids start to miss their school friends pretty quickly.  Arrange a surprise play date, and watch your kid's face light up with delight.
  • A brand new cooking project may be all you need to spice up your child's day. Put all the supplies and the recipe in a pretty bag with her name on it to discover one summer morning.
  • Surely you have a "summer reading list" in mind for your kids. Wrap up a few of the books and leave them on their pillows now and then for special bedtime surprise.

What about you? What summer surprises do you have in mind?

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Love this! Thank you for sharing.

    over a year ago


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