Staying Active as a Family

Zarlacht Atiqzoy
May 16, 2011

The end-of-the-school year is around the corner, and although sleeping-in and lounge-lazy days are desperately longed for, staying active as a family will make it a much easier transition come fall, when the kids go back to school. And its not just about keeping to schedules and routines that children will benefit from, but about developing a lifetime of healthy habits, especially when the entire family stays active together.

When the weather is inviting, head outdoors for an instant natural burst of energy. You don't have to go too far either -- set up hula hoops, jump ropes, old tires, and other items you may have at home for a family obstacle course in the backyard. Play loud music to get all ages up and running as well as a timer to race against. For little ones, blow bubbles and count together how many they can catch before they pop. As the day warms up, you may want to turn on the sprinklers as an added bonus at end to the race.

Host a yard sale! If you have ever had one, then you already know how labor-intensive preparing and hosting a garage sale can be. Include the children and have the entire family "clean" up their spaces and clutter of unused items. From cleaning, to pricing, to moving boxes around, everyone is sure to get a good work out. Help the kids set up a lemonade stand while you tend to shoppers. At the end of the day, decide as a family how you would like to spend the proceeds from the sale, such as donating it to a local cause or accomplishing a family goal.

And speaking of local causes, check with your favorite cause to see if there is a fundraising event scheduled in your city. From walks to jogs or runs, bring out your wagons, bikes, or just running shoes, to support a community event. This is a great way to meet neighbors, exercise, and help increase your children's awareness about special needs in your community and causes important to your family.

If you're out and about, stop by a city park or playground you haven't been to before. This is a quick way for the whole family to rejuvenate between errands. From pushing the kids on the swing, to climbing and going down the slides with your kids, there are no age restrictions to having fun and trying something new!

Look for trails to hike in your neighborhood or just outside your city limits for a morning walk. Bring along water, sunscreen and your imagination to explore nature, wondrous views, and long conversations with each other.

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