What the Stork Delivers: One-of-a-Kind Personalized Books for One-of-a-Kind Kids

Eliza Clark
April 25, 2011

Back in the olden days, parents used to tell their children that babies were delivered by storks. How they got away with that story, we do not know. Today, our 21st century kids are well aware that they came out their mothers' tummies (even if they're not quite sure how they got in there in the first place). As a result, the poor storks need a new job. 

As it happens, the clever folks at MarbleSpark books have devised the perfect occupation for out-of-work storks. Felix Featherbottom and his friends, delivery storks extraordinaire, fly 'round the globe gathering letters to make up the names of special babies who are about to make their entrance into the world.

The storks' globe-crossing journeys result in a wonderfully inventive set of personalized children's books.  On each page, Felix and his froggy sidekick arrive at a new destination, where they pick up a letter for the baby name to be. They might find a "C" in Cairo, for example, and an "E" in England or Ecuador. The longer the name, the more places they'll visit -- and what fun those visits are!  Rhymes that roll off the tongue and watercolor pictures full of humor and detail make these books a delight to read over and over.  And because every name is different, no two journeys are the same, and no two books alike.

The outcome is a lovely baby present, but toddlers, preschoolers and early readers are the ones who will really enjoy it. The little ones are notoriously fond of the sound of their own name. How fascinated they will be by a book that is all about the very letters that spell it. An alphabet book just for me!! For those learning to write that special word, this book will be a great inspiration. Older kids will enjoy detecting the other words lurking in the pictures, like the Elephant with Emerald Earrings in Ethiopia! On a world map at the end of each book, the letters pinpoint their places of origin, a clever geography and alphabet lesson all rolled into one.

In case the notion of creating a fully customized book sounds the slightest bit daunting, let us reassure you. The user experience at MarbleSpark is smooth and easy.  Type in the child's name, gender and birth date, and the book will be put together in a matter of moments.  You then can look through each page to make sure it's just what you want.  If you prefer Antartica to Amsterdam, no problem: the pages can easily be swapped. And you may further personalize the gift with a dedication to its beloved and very lucky young recipient. The result is a handsome, hardcover book that is very likely to become its namesake's personal favorite.

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