Chalk It Up! Creativity and Fun on the Sidewalk

Zarlacht Atiqzoy
March 12, 2018

Now that spring is here, leave the pencils at home, grab a piece of chalk, and head to sidewalk. There is a blank canvas waiting to be drawn upon. Or, better yet, head outside with jumbo sidewalk chalk like the ones from Crayola. These large sticks come in an array of colors and an easy-to-carry carton, which makes it great to leave by the front door where kids can grab chalk on the run. But our particular favorite? The egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, which can be found in big chain stores now as Easter basket fillers. These are our favorites because the round bottoms are easier on little hands, especially when coloring in large pictures on the sidewalk.

Play Games!

Since our son is into mazes right now, we can draw several small and "big" ones for him to run his small cars through. These can be drawn quickly with straight lines, or a few turns and twists, depending how far down the sidewalk we want to play. We also love a good game of hopscotch now and then, and the kids draw the squares themselves. It's a great way to recite numbers, use their motor skills and jump with one foot, and feel a great sense of achievement when they make it all the way back with the rock in their hand. Tic-Tac-Toe is another perfect game for sidewalks and chalk!

Creative Art: Storytime

This is also a great activity for pretend play—where a new landscape is drawn based on what we're inspired by. Animals? Super heroes? Flowers? The sky is the limit (literally), and we have fun drawing different scenarios to pretend and play on top of. Remember the scene from Mary Poppins? A whole new world awaits from masterpieces, as well as a good story. Draw different scenes side by side on the pavement and skip to different ones as the story unravels. The kids can take turns and imagine different story lines. There's also a lot of fun tracing our own shadows or objects we find outside. And we are guilt free about the public mess—we know that it'll wash away soon enough. But the masterpieces can be preserved with a simple camera snap.

And if you're feeling brave enough to make an endless supply of sidewalk chalk of your own, try this recipe and do let us know how it turns out!

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