A Page Full of Polka Dots

Zarlacht Atiqzoy
February 23, 2011

No matter what age, polka dots pop into our lives everywhere. From home decor, to clothes, to art on our walls, there's something about circular "dots" that makes us happy or nostalgic for the dots that filled our own childhoods.

On the art table, children have a natural instinct to stamp their markers or paint brushes across the page, using one color or ten. When our little artists let us know its a picture of their favorite dinosaur or flower, we start to see these collective dots turn into them, too.

But if you want to rescue yourself from having to replace your markers or flattened paint brushes, there are products made exclusively for "dot making," like Dot Art Markers, found in craft stores. Packages come in sets of six 2.5oz bottles, and range from rainbow to fluorescent colors. Great for preschooler hands using a full grip, the spongy tip is like an ink pad, creating instant polka dots on the page.

These are also ideal to use with coloring books. My children have a hard time (or less patience rather) to color in a large picture area with one single crayon or marker. With Do-A-Dot markers, it takes five quick stomps, and the roof on their house is done, letting them move on to a different color to finish the entire picture.

From a distance, we see the complete picture, but when we zoom in for a closer look, we can see their polka dots celebrating.

For a messier adventure with polka dots, cover a non-carpeted surface with butcher or easel paper (or the backs of unwanted gift wrapping paper) and tape its edges to the floor. Fill your paint tray with some paint and using small bouncy balls (the ones that sneak into our house from party favors) dip into the paint and have the kids throw their balls on the paper. If there's more than one child, have them stand across from each other and take turns bouncing the paint-dipped balls to each other.

This fun art project/game can get very messy, but afterwards, you will have a wonderful polka dotted masterpiece that can be cut up into different sizes (try a circle!) for hanging on the art wall.


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