A is for Alphabet

Eliza Clark
January 10, 2011

We are fond of alphabet books around here. We've read a lot of them: baseball ABCs, and ballet ABCs, doctor ABCs, nature ABCs and plain old silly ABCs. Recently, we happened on an ABC primer from 1818. Two centuries ago, English speaking children were taught that "Q is for Quart" (a quart of ale, naturally); "S is for Stocks" (the kind where people are imprisoned); "X is for Xenophon" (the ancient Greek historian, in case you didn't know); and "Y is for Yell" (not a concept modern parents commonly like to reinforce).

So, yes, times have changed. But what hasn't changed is the fact that young children, at some point in their early education, must go through the process of learning to decipher "typographical squiggles on a page." And another thing that hasn't changed is that most kids start learning to read by learning the ABCs.

Our 21st century kids aren't likely to know who Xenophon is; for them, X is for Xylophone, or even for X-Box. So what would a Savvy alphabet book look like? We gave it a try, so here you go: ABCs for the 21st century preschoolers we know and love.

A is for Art

B is for Bedtime Stories

C is for Cars (and other things that go)

D is for Dressing Up

E is for Emotional Intelligence

F is for Friendship

G is for Games

H is for Happiness

I is for Imagination

J is for Jumping

K is for Kindergarten

L is for Listening

M is for Monkey bars

N is for Naps

O is for Overtired

P is for Princesses and Pirates

Q is for Quiet time

R is for Reading

S is for Siblings

T is for Traveling (with kids)

U is for Unplugging

V is for Vegetables

W is for Whining

X is for Xylophones (and music of all kinds)

Y is for "Yes Days"

And Z is for the Zoo


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