Being Thankful for Friends, the Parent Kind

November 24, 2010

No matter what age we are, when making a list of all we are thankful for, friends are usually near the top. It doesn't change when we have children. If anything, we may need them even more when we become parents. When our friends have children as well? It is just icing on the cake (or in this case, ice cream on the pumpkin pie!).

Everything is easier with a friend, right? That means going through our kids' milestones, phases and experiences together. Having a friend to call for advice, or to share an accomplishment you or your child has just reached, or even just another person to commiserate a rough day is essential for our well being. I have found that there are built-in bonuses with a friend that has kids. I don't have to worry how my story about my two-year-old having a meltdown in the toy aisle at Target might sound; they have been there and can relate. I will most likely come away from the conversation feeling renewed and much better.

Finding friends that have kids is not the least bit challenging. They are everywhere! Playgroups, preschool, the park, soccer games, pediatrician's office, coffee shop, and the list goes on and on. We aren't choosy. The best "pick-up line" I heard between two moms that later became close friends was their admiration of each other's jeans and diaper bags. I found once I got my foot in the easily opening door of the playgroup or preschool moms, you are set. Mom and dad friends almost always want to be friends with everyone and happily introduce you to all of their friends. 

As our children get older, our friends may be dependent on who our children are friends with. We want to know families of the kids our kids are playing with, so it's only natural as we are getting to know them that we become friends as well. It helps when the kids are the same age or have the same interest. You will be seeing that friend often, and it will be a pleasant time knowing your child will be having fun as well. 

Certainly we all need friends. Our friends all come from different backgrounds and have different lives with different experiences. But today, we are hailing our mom and dad friends and realizing how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

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