They Grow Up So Fast

Eliza Clark
November 8, 2010

It's one of the truisms that everyone repeats over and over, and no one can quite seem to believe: "They grow up so fast."

The lady at the grocery store will say it when you take your first shopping trip with your newborn swaddled in his stroller. Your friend who hasn't seen the baby in a month will say it. You'll say it yourself when your little one outgrows a special outfit before she ever had a chance to wear it. Indeed, anyone who has been a parent for more than a couple of months will say it, and keep saying it, and -- this is the strange part -- keep disbelieving it.

For those of us with toddlers and preschoolers, it seems like life will always revolve around playgrounds and play-dough, picky eating and unpredictable tantrums, bedtime stories and infinite cuddles.

Well, sadly, it ain't so: pretty soon, they're off to elementary school, on a yellow school bus, no less. And you will watch as the bus pulls away from the curb, thinking, what happened?

Don't get us wrong: it's not that school kids don't like cuddles and playgrounds. They do. But they've got a lot of other things going on too, and it's an adjustment for everyone.

So that's what we're facing up to this week and next: the transition from preschool to real school will happen before we know it. We are thinking ahead, readying ourselves for the next leap forward, all the while savoring these sweet preschool days.

Some of the topics we'll be touching on in the next two weeks include:

  • Adapting to elementary school
  • Choosing after-school activities
  • Big kid rooms
  • Joining the Brownies
  • Updating books/toy collection for older kids
  • Fun times with the big kids
  • A primer for the PTA
  • How life is different: a parent's perspective

And if all of that isn't enough to make you believe that someday your babies will in fact grow up, then watching this video by Katrina Kenison (author of The Gift of An Ordinary Day: A Mother's Memoir) is sure to bring the point home, and possibly bring you to tears.  Don't say we didn't warn you.

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