Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Ashley O'Neill
October 19, 2017

It's a little over a week before Halloween, and you still don't have costumes for your kids.  Sound familiar?  (Raising my own hand, here.)  Never fear!  You can come up with a pretty great outfit for your kids by sorting through their dress-up drawer and tossing in a few things from the back of your own closet. 

Scarves. Wrap one around the neck for a superhero cape or tie it around the head for an beautiful headdress. You can even layer several for an extra-fancy, extra-twirly skirt.

Hats. They can turn your little one into a cowboy or a Southern Belle (be sure to toss in a few of those dress-up accessories, too) or a baseball player.

Dance gear. If your little one is a ballerina one afternoon a week, you can turn the leotard into a pretty quick animal costume. Add a tail and a pair of ears, and a black leotard becomes a friendly black cat. Add a pair of wings and a halo, and a white leotard and tutu transforms into a heavenly angel.

Swim goggles. They can turn your kid into a bug, a superhero, or a mad scientist. Dig them out of the swim bag!

Your old clothes. Dressing up as mom or dad can be a delightful costume for your littlest admirers.

Makeup and face paint. Use it to embellish all of the above. Sometimes the simple touches are the most effective ones for little faces.

Boxes. And if you happen to have a few lying around (or don't mind making a quick trip to the moving store), you can turn a box into a multitude of quick costumes: a robot, a car for a race car driver, a rocket ship for an astronaut, an airplane for a pilot. A few Sharpies, some paint, a couple rolls of colorful tape, and your child's imagination will do the rest. (Quick tip: punch a couple of holes in the top and string some twine through to hang the box from your child's shoulders. Crossing the strings in the back will help it stay up.)

The best thing about all these items is that you can scrounge most of them up from around the house or with a quick trip to the party store or thrift shop. Happy trick-or-treating!


From the Parents

  • Katie Sierra

    Halloween is such a fun time of the year!! But then again it looks like the kids at are dressing up all year long..*~~~

    over a year ago


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