Winter Traditions: Fun Ideas That Bear Repeating

Eliza Clark
January 10, 2018

It's been a cold, cold week for many of us. Winter is definitely in the air. And as we pull jackets closer and wish we'd thought of pulling on a hat, it's easy to bemoan this season of short days and bitter cold.

Instead, we're thinking of all of the fun winter activities we plan to share with the kids.  After all, when you tell a bunch of preschoolers that a snowstorm is on its way, there's not a scowl in sight.  They say, "Hurray!"  They are naturally thrilled at the prospect of the fluffy white snowflakes and can't wait for sledding and hot chocolate on a regular basis.

As we have learned both from our kids and from our resident "happiness expert," anticipation is half the game when it comes to enjoying a happy event or activity. Looking forward to something just extends the joy. For young children, a lot of the excitement of anticipation comes from repeating activities they've liked before. Chances are, if they built a great snowman last year, they're going to want to do it again this year. And so a family tradition is born.

With our little ones' happy anticipation of snow days to come, we offer you a little list of what everyone in the family is looking forward to this year.

  1. Picking out cozy new snow boots and colorful hats and mittens (can't play in the snow without them!)
  2. Building a gorgeous snowman, or snow-lady or snow-fairy for that matter
  3. Ice-skating and skiing (we'll be less wobbly than last year, right?)
  4. Piling onto a sled and hanging on for dear life
  5. Hot chocolate made with real milk and melty marshmallows
  6. A fire in the fireplace
  7. Pulling out favorite winter stories to read with the kids

There's a lot to look forward to, and you can be sure that we'll be repeating the winter traditions on this list over and over, this year and for years to come. 

Tell us about some of your family's favorite winter traditions, won't you?

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