Color Me Purple

Eliza Clark
December 30, 2010

This week, we're taking a look at some of our favorite articles from the past year. This article was originally published in September 2010.

Preschoolers are known to be quite intense in their likes and dislikes, most especially when it comes to colors. We could get very theoretical about why this is so -- gender roles come into play, and basic identity formation. Claiming a favorite color is an early way for kids to say, "I'm me!"

Of all the colors in the spectrum of light, purple seems to hold a special place in the minds of young children. Ask a two or three-year-old girl what her favorite color is, and pink is the answer, nine times out of ten. But a four or five-year-old is a different story. She just may like purple! Purple means branching away from pure pink conformity. Purple means creativity, originality, and a dash of complexity (i.e. blue). We detect a hint of maturity in purple fans, even. For boys who embrace purple, this is all the more true. So let's hear it for our purple-loving preschoolers!  

To show them how much we appreciate their one true color love, a few purple themed crafts, games, snacks and books are in order.  

We might begin with a couple of color mixing and color chart activities. After all, the exiting thing about purple is that it comes from pink and blue. And you can experiment with different shades of this wonderful hue: does your little one prefer lilac, violet or plum?

On a rainy day, the little ones would surely enjoy a purple-themed scavenger hunt. And to top off the afternoon, add a few blueberries to this smoothie recipe and it will turn... purple!

To end the day on a purple note, we love these books.  Their original, imaginative characters show us what loving purple is all about.

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