ABCs and 123s for Techie Kids

September 17, 2010

Learning the ABCs and 123s is a milestone for both parents and preschoolers. Preschoolers feel proud to start participating in written language and memorization, and parents feel relieved and secure knowing their child is mastering the basics of language and arithmetic before officially entering education.  There is just nothing like hearing your little one singing "ABCDEFG" in the bathtub (yes, even if he thinks "LMNOP" is one letter) or listening to him count out his goldfish crackers with his 123s.

While we all know how to help children with flashcards or have them trace letters in workbooks, many of us are unsure how to utilize the computer to help with the learning process. With high-tech children, we need to adapt and enhance our teachings to incorporate technology and the internet. Even preschoolers these days are used to flashy, colorful, fast moving images that attract their attention. At Savvy, we have researched the best websites for helping your children learn their ABCs and 123s. Of course, you should be present to help your little one while he works on the computer, but these sites are preschooler-friendly and very easy to use. Your preschooler will be beaming with pride as he masters these educational games.

This exciting, arcade-style site offers a wide variety of entertaining games for children. Most games have an educational format that creatively interacts with  preschoolers to develop skills or teach material. For 123s, try Counting on a Cloud or Connect the Numbers.  These preschool-Kindergarten age games will help your child hone his counting skills and enhance memorization.  Teach Me ABCs and Rhyme Time reinforce ABC memorization and letter and sound recognition in a fun, engaging format.

Bembo's Zoo

Based on a renowned children's book, Bembo's Zoo is a simple site filled with lively sounds and a wiggling, giggling alphabet. When children click on a letter it spins and flops to spell the name of an animal. The letters of the word then turn magically into the animal that was named (see the delightful antelope above!). This site is creative enough to entice parents, too.

This colorful, engaging site is very user friendly and hosts fun and learning games for preschoolers to school-age children.  Whack a Mole,  Spring Bee, and Alphabet Frog Game reinforce alphabetical order with fun effects and creative, challenging games.  For practicing 123s, we recommend Seahorse Counting with a mermaid requesting the number of seahorses she needs.  Your little captain needs to count out the exact number she requests.


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