Tech for Tots?

Eliza Clark
September 13, 2010

Can a preschooler be a techie? In this day and age, many of them are well on their way from the earliest age. For kids who are inclined toward technology, the contemporary world is their oyster. From iPhones to laptops, from games to gadgets, an amazing high-tech world is at their fingertips.

That is, if parents let those little fingers anywhere near the computer, phone, iPod, etc. For many families, that's a big IF. The social and intellectual implications of children's exposure to technology are constant topics of debate in schools, homes and the media. Figuring out how much and what kind of technology to expose our children to is not easy.

In the next two weeks here at Being Savvy, we'll be focused on making the best possible use of technology with our preschoolers. We understand the enormous value of an unplugged childhood, yet are also aware that in strategic doses, exposure to technology can serve young children well.  

Starting tomorrow, we'll be getting into the nitty-gritty of what kinds of apps, sites and games do the best job of promoting creativity and learning.  We'll let you in on tips for safe online surfing for kids, and on techie solutions to keep parents organized. And let's remember, being a techie isn't necessarily all about "screen-time." We have recommendations for a whole range of books, toys and scientific instruments can satisfy your little techie's voracious appetite for figuring out how things work. We'll also be casting a glance back at our own techie past: remember when Star Wars and Star Trek were the latest and greatest? In your little one's eyes, they are brand new once again. What fun!

Simply put, we 21st parents have no choice but to get savvy about kids and technology. Let's get started. 

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Excellent timing! Would be helpful to offer a list of apps on computer and iPhone relevant for preschoolers. Free educational apps even better!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    Kudos to you, Savvy Source! This is a very relevant topic for parents...and one that often has parents wondering how to deal with it. While it is crucial for parents to continue doing "unplugged" activities with their preschoolers (my new book contains 100 eco-friendly craft projects and 100 healthy child-friendly cooking experiences along with summaries of 100 picture books every young child should hear), we also need to prepare our children for this high tech world. Young children learn at a fantastic rate...I think we just need to make sure there is a balance of tech and traditional...with time out for LOTS of physical activities to be enjoyed during the day.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 3

    Thank you for doing this series - it is so timely for us as I am in the midst of trying to decide which Iphone apps are best. I am of the philosophy that technology can be a good and can help kids learn lots of things. However, this so much out there to choose from and difficult to figure out how much time to spend. I very much welcome the expert opinions!

    over a year ago


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