For Caregivers: 20 Ways to Slow Down While the Kids Are in School

Eliza Clark
September 14, 2017

Life is changing, always. Never is this truer than during the month of September. For kids, it's back-to-school time, with all of the adjustments that brings. It's exciting and scary, all at the same time.

But what about for parents? Especially parents who have been all-out, full-time caregivers up until this point? The short answer is: life is about to change for you, too. If your beloved tot is starting preschool, you'll now have a significant window of free time that you did not have before. So, what will you do with it?

Hopefully, you'll be able to slow down a bit, and take some time for yourself. Because, let's face it, being responsible for the care of small kids from dawn until dusk is tremendously draining. It's wonderful, but exhausting.

So we hope you can use the time your preschool's schedule affords to recharge your personal batteries, and we don't just mean going grocery shopping without the kids (although that's nice, too).

Here twenty different ways to slow down and take time for yourself. Enjoy the precious hours!

  1. Have coffee with a friend.
  2. Schedule in regular exercise.
  3. Take up an old hobby or a new one.
  4. Take a class.
  5. Take a well-deserved nap.
  6. Start keeping a journal.
  7. Organize your photos.
  8. Go to a matinee with a friend.
  9. Go to the library and take out books for yourself.
  10. Read a book of recipes and pick a few to try.
  11. Call friends or family with whom you've fallen out of touch.
  12. Clean out a closet (because outer order contributes to inner happiness!).
  13. Join or start a book group.
  14. Volunteer for something you care about.
  15. Meet your partner/spouse for lunch.
  16. Get a head start on holiday shopping for once.
  17. Visit an art exhibit.
  18. While it's quiet at home, take time to read, meditate or just think!
  19. Go for a walk somewhere beautiful.
  20. A massage or some such spa-like indulgence always works wonders!

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