Side by Side: Pictures of Dad (or Mom) and Me

Bethany Sanders
July 23, 2010

Hold a newborn baby, and inevitably you'll search his or her face for clues: Does he look more like his mom? Does he have dad's chin? His sister's dimples? These shared traits are part of what connects one generation to the next. That newborn baby is a brand new person, but she's also a mix of two very distinct sets of DNA. 

Sometimes a child will be born looking exactly like one parent, and other times it takes time to sort out who looks like who. Get nostalgic with your toddler and preschooler by pulling out your own baby pictures at one year, two, or three. Kids are often surprised to look at their parents baby pictures and say, "Hey! That looks like me!" 

Below are some ideas for fun photo sharing activities for you to with your young child. Though it's fun to compare faces, these activities aren't just for families who share a biological connection. Children brought into a family through adoption will also love seeing what Mom or Dad looked like when they were little and to compare their parents faces to their own.  

Recreate: If you've still got the piece of baby clothing you were wearing when the childhood picture was taken, slip your child into it and try to recreate the picture. If your baby already looks like you, this will make the effect all the more striking. If not, it's still fun to see your child in a sentimental item.

Frame It: A cute way to display old photos of yourself is to put them in a frame with your child at about the same age. Better yet, put a picture of Mom on one side, a picture of Dad on the other, and a current picture of your child in the middle. Visitors will have fun figuring out who your baby looks like more.

Make It a Game: Young children love to play games, and you can make some up on the spot using new and old photos. Mix a few photos of yourself as a baby into a pile of recent pictures of your little one. Play "Mom or Me?"  Flip over a picture and let your child guess whether it's a picture of her or of you when you were a baby.  

The arrival of a family's next generation is an important milestone, and you can celebrate these moments with family photos both new and old.  


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