Potions Are Messy but Big Fun

Elise Crane Derby
April 2, 2018

My house is overrun with technology, not only for me but for my daughter. She has a DS, a Wii, an iPod, a computer, a DVD player and a CD player (we're old school like that). I have to admit that I love when my daughter plays with technology it keeps things so quiet. No matter how loud the game or song, it can not out-volume a six-year-old with nothing to do but bounce a beach ball off my head while singing "My my my my my poker face." The other thing I love is how clean it is. There is almost nothing to clean up after. At most, you return some discs to their sleeves. I love it!

But when all the batteries run out, I have a secret go-to messy plan that has been hours of entertainment for my daughter and many of her friends. I have to warn you though, this one is seriously messy. (But still fairly quiet.) We call it the potion plan. It's really just mixing up a lot of different ingredients, but I've found it to be endless fun for the three-year-old to six-year-old set. The way I do it, you don't have to waste any actual food, and it's totally free.

The potion plan does require a bit of planning ahead, if you don't want to use actual food. I save all the little packages of condiments that I get when I have food delivered. (If you're as lazy a cook as I am you will have plenty packets in no time.) Another option is to check your office's kitchen, if your office has one, often there will be a drawer there where hundreds of assorted condiment packages go to die.

Once you've rounded up all the ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, salt, pepper, duck sauce, parmesan, and red pepper flakes you can get your hands on, the fun is ready to begin. Set your child up at a table with a jar or bowl of water, and let them have at it. I like to give my daughter a clear container with a lid to mix in, so she can shake it up and see all the colors mixing and changing.

You'd think this would be over in ten minutes, but I promise you my daughter makes it last up to an hour. She pours in a little water and adds some condiments and then stirs or shakes it and then repeats until every package I've given her is emptied. For all the fun, there is a big mess at the end. Little hands have yet to master aim, but this is just more fun to the kid. Hand them a sponge or dish towel and start the clean-up plan.


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